couple in jeans

Tips to prepare for your session

 While it is up to us, your photographers, to create a beautiful image, you can help by being prepared and looking your best.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your portrait session…

  •  Get plenty of rest the night before your session. If you are exhausted, you will look exhausted. 
  • Drink lots of water! Good hydration will make skin glow and look fabulous.
  • Hire a good makeup artist that understand how to make you look your very best. (we can recommend you a couple of talented ladies). If you decide to do your own makeup keep makeup simple and elegant. 

Clothing - Highlighting and Flattering

Clothing plays a huge part in creating a successful portrait. Solid colors are an absolute must. Prints and patterns distract the eye and draw attention away from everything else in the image.

  • Matching colors are best. You don’t necessarily all need to have matching outfits, but tops and bottoms should all be of the same tones/colors. 
  • Jeans are great for our casual part of the session. They are dark in color and almost everyone owns a pair that look great on them. For our formal part of the portrait session try dark dress pants, skirts or dresses. 
  • If you are doing an outdoor portrait, earth tones work really well. Blues, greens, browns are all great options.
  • People love to dress in white for family portraits. This is fine as long as EVERYONE is in white. Otherwise the one person who is wearing a red polo shirt will be the only thing viewers ever see.
  • Have outfit choices (unless you booked a short headshot session): we can do outfit changes and give you more image options. Consider a dark outfit and a light outfit. Our white background gives images a fresh and energetic look, our hand painted backdrops give the portraits an elegant and classic look.

Families with children: The littlest members of the family often bring the most charm to the family portrait. We want to make sure they are happy and cooperative on portrait day. 

• Consider nap times when booking your portrait session. Little guys usually have a window when they are in a good mood after a nap. If your little ones have a regular nap schedule, try to schedule your session when you know your child is typically in a happy, cooperative mood.

• Bring snacks and things that make your child happy. If we need to take a break for carrots or cookies, no problem.

Newborn and baby sessions: Feed your baby 30 minutes before the photo session. 

Photographing newborns professionally can be a long process, and often takes up to three hours.  Full tummies=happy babies, so it’s good to start on a high note.  Full tummies also make getting into a deep sleep easier, which is needed to get all those cute, curled up poses.  Additionally, newborns tend to go potty right after eating, so it’s good that this happens while they still have a diaper on.  :)


Preparing for Your Boudoir Session

If you're thinking of doing a boudoir session and feeling unsure about it, this is a must read. We promise you will feel more confident in your decision! 

To start, find inspiration by checking out our boudoir images. The gallery will give you ideas on clothing choice and style. Many people see this opportunity as a lifetime investment. So go ahead, and treat yourself by splurging a little!   

The Best Ways to Splurge:

  • Get you hair & makeup done professionally. Ask for exaggerated eyes & lips and a simple blow-out (we can recommend you to a few artists).
  • Get a pedicure & manicure. A natural or neutral color will photograph best.
  • Buy that pretty or risky lingerie! Just make sure that it fits perfectly and that it makes you feel fabulous.


To get variety in your photographs, bring the lingerie, as well as some clothes that make you feel confident and sexy! We will also take this chance to showcase your favorite pair of heels, so definitely bring those! Also note, we have velvet and tulle drapes that we can use to drape over you.  

Possible Clothing Choice:

  • White t-shirt
  • Off the shoulder sweater
  • Simple white or black bras/panties
  • Sheer top


Now, this may be obvious, but your skin is just as important as what you wear! Here are some ways that will get your skin glowing! 

Skin Prep: 

  • Stay out of the sun to avoid tan lines and burns
  • Please do NOT use self-tanners
  • Moisturize your skin & keep hydrated for a natural glow
  • Avoid getting waxed or getting a new facial the day before the session
  • Avoid sugar, carbs & processed foods to limit bloating  
  • Get good nights rest the day before the session! 

FINALLY, Session Day!

Wear loose fitted clothing to avoid red marks on your skin (no tight bras and no tight underwear for instance). We will make sure that this will be a positive, unforgettable experience. Relax and have fun with this and know: You will end up with breathtaking photographs!